They just met, somewhere in the chaos of a stressful work day; he gave her a lift and it appeared like she had known him forever. Two days later, they were sipping wines in the glare of a low candle as a romantic mix blared from an audio system. She grinned coyly, obviously overwhelmed in the way his eyes seemed to pierce her soul. He had this re-assuring octave in his voice and the scent that eased into her nostril from his side of the table cleared any doubt she had about him- He was a gentleman, no doubt!,

they were tucked away somewhere in the romantic innards of a cool bar. Nothing awed her more than the hue of blue his eyes seemed to carry, she was determined to take it cool and watch where this leads.
She had never felt so free yet so drawn to anyone, but there was one thing her swooned mind was clear about- this was a hot soup, there was no harm in not licking it steaming hot!
Equally charming was the way he held the door like he was born for the moment while she eased her petite frame past a door way that bore the print,  “EXIT” boldly engraved in gold as they made for his car…